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by Penny Walton

Four Things Everybody Knows About Nikolai Strusberg Carlos That You Do Not

A Colombian citizen, born on April 15, 1962, with studies in economics and also finance in the United States and accepted by business supervisor ICFES in Colombia.

Carlos Nikolai Strusberg Gonzalez relies upon experience in major companies in Colombia and also the USA, which gives me the opportunity to have a panoramic overview of path must be the business in Colombia for development of the nation. Learn more detailed information on Strusberg Gonzalez Nikolai by visiting this site.

I have always believed that businesses and projects ought to be directed to economic growth through the effective and efficient use of resources existing and increase of capital through the development of companies to in turn lead to enhancing the living standards of all people directly or indirectly they’re influenced by this.

My experience as a part of the national government, together with the performance as an entrepreneur, it enables me to have a comprehensive perspective of the associations government as a way to exercise my function within these agile, efficient and constantly looking for clear aims that benefit both associations and the country in general.