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by Johnnie Vaughn

Seven Brilliant Tips About Pokemon GO

Today is the first day I am able to speak publicly about my experience with Pokemon GO. It has been about every week and a half since I began playing within the Field Test – quite similar to the Beta most individuals were playing (likely identical) – and it is period to let loose. This game is fantastic. Not within the same way a visually spectacular game like Fallout 4 or DOOM are fantastic, but in a new way. A way that’s not like any game I’ve played before. Pokemon GO is a real game-changer.

Pokemon GO is a game you play on your smartphone – Android or iPhone. You sign up and pick a nickname for yourself and you’re given several items with which to capture and take good care of Pokemon. Pokemon, if you for some reason don’t know by this point, are cartoon creatures that reside in the game, taking the area of animals in this universe.

Your job is usually to capture Pokemon and use them to battle others like yourself using these creatures as warrior minions. It sounds worse than it truly is. Within the game it is not at all violent, and also the vast majority of the game has more to do with finding Pokemon than it does with battling them against your opponents.

This game uses an engine developed by Niantic, formerly a group that was once inside Google but is now independent, collaborating with Google, GAME FREAK, Creatures Inc., Nintendo, as well as more. This game was built the exact same engine that Ingress is run on. It uses Google Maps to map the world and place both you and game elements on a real life map within your phone.

Pokemon GO is a worldwide game, active everywhere on our planet. You can catch Pokemon anywhere there’s a human population.

This game uses landmarks of many types for caches of items you can grab whenever you get close enough. Physically, that is. Have a look at the in-depth information on pokemon go maps on this website. This game requires you to actually be within around 100-feet of Pokemon, PokeStops, or Pokemon Gyms to interact with them.

You definitely will find each of these places and monsters placed automatically in accordance with location. Water-type Pokemon can be found near rivers and lakes, for example, while PokeStops are placed on landmarks.

Pokemon Gyms are placed on public parks, churches, as well as other religious gathering places. Let that sink in for a minute if you have never played Ingress and aren’t used to the oddity.