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by Carlton Williamson

Things You Should Know About Premium WordPress Themes

There is a constant battle on the thought of using a free WordPress theme over a premium theme or vice versa. WordPress themes are popular today specially by the majority of the entrepreneurs who prefer to utilize a theme to possess a more inviting and catchy site.

Let me ask you a question. Would you invest your cash on a premium theme or would you simply settle for a free theme?

Let’s discuss and consider the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Get to learn more about 49 of the very best portfolios on this page.

Free WordPress Theme

The advantages:

The best thing about this is that it’s entirely free, no hidden charges, taxes or fees whatsoever. Availability is not a problem because free WordPress themes are all around the net so there are many to select from. Since they’re open source, it’s fewer attributes so it’s easier to install and use and the great thing is it doesn’t require any programming skills.

Configuring the theme on the other hand may need you to have at least a bit of knowledge on the basic essentials of web programming, no worries though, it is pretty easy since the intricacy of more dynamic and complicated features aren’t present. You can also try as many layouts as you desire as you do not have to concern yourself with the cost.

The disadvantages:

As what was stated before, free themes are all over the net hence making it common to many. You may have exactly the same theme with several websites. Another matter is, the developer doesn’t have the obligation to give you an update or upgrade in your chosen theme so there is a lack of support from them unless they’ve some time to spare for you. In addition , there are some cases where free themes include viruses or bugs that can create a great deal of damage to your web site so that you must be really cautious with your selections. A number of them also have poor code practices. It’s made by developers who needed to practice their skills or because they wanted to build up their portfolios and or links.

Is your web site a shopping site? Then, you’ll need to really have a shopping cart widget to produce shopping more convenient for your customers. Or, when you have a review site, it’s ideal to employ a WordPress theme which has a ratings attribute. Other useful features include image and video sliders, Google Maps, and a lot more.

Assess for compatibility. Generally, the WordPress theme ought to be harmonious with WordPress’ latest variant. Make sure the theme designers offer routine updates of the theme whenever desired. This will make sure that your site is kept up to date with the latest WordPress version.

Search for a search engine-optimized theme. Not all site owners understand this, but SEO is an essential variable to think about. SEO-friendly themes generally load quicker compared to the typical, since search engines hate sites that load badly. Google, especially, has focused on the websites’ loading time and made it one of their many factors in search results ranking. Moreover, a search engine optimized theme enables the spiders to crawl into the content readily.